"Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called sons of God"

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Prior to 1959, many denominations of faith maintained churches in Cuba. Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian and non-Christian religions such as Judaism also flourished. Cuba became officially an atheistic nation post Castro revolution. The reasons for shifting to atheism are uncertain but speculation has centered on two, nonexclusive theories (1) if the people of Cuba have access to, recognize, and accept there is a "higher moral authority or a personal God" above the people of flesh in the government of Cuba, then obedience to the government may be challenged and (2) the Catholic Church was part of the upper class in the Batista era and was punished by the post 1959 governments. Why the other denominations have been marginalized is uncertain.

During the visit of Pope John Paul II and subsequently, there has been increasing attention and popularity of religion in Cuba. Socialism is bound by Earth and is not sufficient for the meaning of life, the soul and the afterlife. Synagogues, churches and other meeting facilities for many denominations are slowly being given more latitude in Cuba and being rejuvenated.


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